Junk in the caboose

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100 copies of My Brother Is Isaac (album) 1 roll of black electrical tape (for this and thats and sticking up CD pricing chart) 1 Bartreiter open back five string banjo 1 Trinity bouzouki 1 Shruti Box 1 Mbira 1 Hohner trumpet call harmonica in C 1 Hohner special 20 harmonica in G 1 colorful set of ankle bells 1 ZT lunchbox 200 volt mini amp 3 Jews Harps (1 Indian, 2 Austrian) 1 Violin bow (for the banjo) 2 sets of metal finger picks (1 for backup) + orange twist top pill bottle for housing 1 Digitech Jamman looping pedal 4 Abalone shells (2 for backup) 5 1/4 inch cables (3 for back up = too many) 1 DC power source for Jam man + step-down transformer for power conversion 1 back up DC power source. 1 around the neck harmonica holder 1 pouch of Napier rosin 1 pouch of picks (too many) 1 mic stand 2 EV N/D767a vocal microphones 1 nano ipod 1 XLR to mini jack cable 3 US to NZ power coveters 1 Raf Kelman sliding scale pricing chart + protective cardboard tube with 3 back up copies 1 alpine series banjo gig bag 1 road runner guitar gig bag (for bouzouki) 1 hard glasses case for Jews Harps 5 packs of extra strings (3 banjo 2 bouzouki 2 banjo capos and 1 guitar capo 1 electronic tuner 1 Tascam DR-40 field recorder + wind muff 2 Go Pro Hero’s Hi-Def mini video cameras. 2 Go Pro LCD screens 1 head rig for Go Pro + 1 helmet rig (don’t need the head rig) 1 Go pro extra battery pack 1 external Go Pro battery charger 6 interchangeable casings for the Go Pro’s 12 directional attachments for the go pro’s 8 32GB SD cards + SD case 1 Joby gorilla tripod 1 mic + camera arm attachment for tripod 1 Rode microphone 1 mini mic hands free headset mic for recording while riding bike + hard shell case and extra cables 1 AA + AAA batterie charger 8 various USB cables (4 of which I need + 4 of which are back and should be sent home) 1 pair of self sculpting earbuds 1 pair of regular earbuds 1 small plastic bag of extra AA and 9V batteries 2 replacement 3V lithium batteries 1 Polaroid Spectra Onyx camera with 7 packs of Impossible film (4 color 4 black and white) 3 dry age kits for curing the polaroids 1 remote control kit for the Spectra 1 Mennon Speed Stick deodorant 1 mini tube of crest 1 toothbrush for teeth + one travel toothbrush for cleaning the bike when berry juice spills) 30 ft of blue utility chord 15 large black plastic zip ties 1 pair of prescription glasses 1 pair of prescription sunglasses 1 Petzel headlamp 1 stack of cash money 1 pouch of coin money + double copies of newspaper articles about the tour 1 roll of newspaper article about the tour 1 leather bound song journal 1 electric head shaver (luxury item!) 5 DVD-R’s for data transfer 1 map of New Zealand 5 envelopes 1 banjo man stamp + ink case 1 mini can of shaving gel + mach 3 razor with 8 extra blades 1 water resistant and shock absorbent external hard drive with 1 terabyte of space + USB cable 1 250 gram plastic jar of Menuka Honey 1 Grandpa Lester “ultralight/watertight medical kit 2 spare tubes for bike tires 2 spare tubes for trailer tires 1 tire patch kit 1 plastic set of tire changing tools 1 small bottle of teflon bike lube 1 little plastic thing of grease for metal connecting on bike 6 dry sacks ranging from 5 liters to 32 liters. 1 down sleeping bag rated at 32 degrees 6 cases and bags for various items 1 Christchurch made bicycle helmet 3 blinking safety bike lights 2 reflective snap bands 5 pens ranging in colors from blue to black and one black sharpie 1 pair of Rainbow sandals 1 pair of Garneau clip in bike shoes 1 pair of rain pants 1 rain jacket shell 1 pair rain bike shoe covers and rain gloves 3 pairs of smart wool socks 4 pairs of underwear 1 pair of biking shorts with padded seat 1 pair of black slacks 2 tank tops 1 salmon T-shirt 1 long sleeve forest green shirt 1 cashmere blue sweater 1 cashmere black hat 1 Patinkin Red Angus Farms truckers hat 1 adorable miniature basket (serves as nano iPod housing) 1 macbook pro + power chord + soft case 5 manuals for various electronics 1 stack of post its filled with personal information that act as business cards 5 postcards 3 bunjee chords (two green one yellow) 50 captured polaroid images 2 black water proof panniers 1 emergency space blanket 1 Wiglaf (burley flatbed bicycle trailer) 1 Beowolf (Surly long haul trucker cycle cross with 27 gears) 1 Marvin (bicycle horn) 2 water bottles 1 bicycle pump 1 Stubbs Magic Cover (custom water proof trailer cover designed and created by Magician Matt Stubbs of Linwood Christchurch in 40 minutes) 1 orange safety vest 1 tube of 30 SPF sunscreen 1 tin of breath mints 1 cellular phone + power cable 1 blue tarp 1 bigger grey tarp 1 Jew

One thought on “Junk in the caboose

  1. This is amazing, hilarious, awe inspiring,
    beautiful, challenging and downright CRAZY!
    Wish I was there with you. Have been listening to the cd. It’s beautiful. Don’t get killed. Ok?

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