The Old Grey Lady

To those of you perusing as a result of the NY Times piece welcome! Just to put it up front I am always looking for possible hosts all the time everywhere in the world. If you think you maybe might like to host a show some day, even if you’re just curious, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you more about it. That goes for anyone abroad too. The impetus for a tour in another country can be just one host, one show in one home. If that audience and group can connect me to another home or two more homes down the way then the tour has begun. I’d love to go everywhere and anywhere. At some point in the near future I’ll be going everywhere in the US so if you fancy to be a part of this journey let me know.

I was feeling a bit down on myself at the begining of this tour for not being on top of press. It’s a lot of moving pieces to make a house tour happen and I just didn’t get around to sending my press release out. My plan was to blanket the field repeatedly until I got someone’s attention. In a city of nine million there was really no telling if I’d be able to catch someones ear. A lot of things are happening in this town. Then I realized what I really want is a little something in the Times. It’s a lot to ask, but I thought if I can just keep poking them they might give it a go at some point. The day I made that decision I found Corey Kilgannon.

I could have been sending the times a press release for years, but I bumped into Corey on Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side. He asked me what I was doing and I told him it was a traveling music show going home to home. He asked if it was a religious thing (I get that a lot with Gideon. People think Bibles, then they think Beatles). I told him it was not a religious thing and we had a little chat before he told me he was A REPORTER FOR THE NY TIMES!!!! I thought maybe it was a joke some friend was playing on me and then I saw the press pass in his car we were standing next to. He came to a show a few nights later and was one of 8 audience members in the tiny living room of my friend Maureen and her pooch Yummy Plum.

Corey got the hot seat about 2 feet in front of me. When someone is that close it’s almost like they are performing for me. Performing their attention or laughter or emotion or applause. There is a certain threshold of too close for someone in a home. He was right on the edge. I like that edge for myself and the other. It’s exciting. Doesn’t happen often but when it does I really notice. It’s very ….. cozy.

I’ve been collecting possible hosts from audience members at the end of the evening on maps I put up. My maps are slowly filling with various scratchings, numbers and emails many of which will turn into connections and real humans in the near future. The other night a woman named Kristin gave me three contacts in Norway. Now I’m dreaming up a tour of Norway by Dogsled team through the dark winter. I can’t think of a better time to play peoples homes then when it’s dark and not much is going on. Try and bring a little sunshine. Dogsled is the way to tour!

Today I travel from one side of Williamsburg to the other (oy vey what a commute!). Tomorrow to Crown Heights.

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