My first music video & announcing the brand new Gideon and Hubcap Show

First off, I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for an exciting new project! See what it’s all about here! Watch the video! Perhaps it entertains you for a moment. Any support at all is much appreciated. If the spirit moves you, forward it to friends, post on Facebook, write the link on fancy stationary and mail it to your great grandparents etc. The campaign is for my first music video for my song Few People, a joint venture with film maker and all around performance comedian guy-person Ewen Wright of Cool Cat Productions. I laugh just looking at him! His idea for the music video was so ridiculous and fun I had to say “yes yes hooray.” Home shows are still going strong. Here are a couple images from the last 200 shows.

In February, I relocated to Oakland, CA to create a new two man house show with my long time friend and collaborator Nate “Hubcap” Sloan. In two days we will launch our first home show tour through the American West. I am stupid excited. It has been a most unusual and encouraging experience to work and collaborate with Hubcap. At times I have felt creatively isolated in being a solo performer. I’m not complaining! This is a wonderful life and path I’m on and I’m perpetually thrilled to further explore it, but working with Hubcap has been refreshing and illuminating. It’s made me realize that as much as I love sitting by myself and banging my head against a wall until something comes out, collaborating is funner! I’d even say it’s funnererer! We have been fluidly supporting ideas, tearing them down, celebrating them and throwing them out, improving, infusing, composting etc. We often giggled like school children, we worked, we exhausted ourselves, we annoyed each other and after enough of all that WE MADE A SHOW! It’s been fun and hard and wonderful and worth it, at least for me. I think Hubcap’s had a not-miserable/helluva time too.

This year has been one of discovering collaborators. This February I begin working full time on a new commission from The Foundry Theater of NYC in collaboration with the Foundry’s stupendous artistic director Melanie Joseph. For a while I was terrified of this project. I thought Melanie had probably made some confused mistake and it was just a matter of time before she realized. Building this latest show with Hubcap, my first real collaborative creating from scratch, has turned my fear into furious excitement for what’s to come, both with The Foundry and beyond.

Ewen also helped Hubcap and I with some fantastic sound design for The Gideon and Hubcap Show. In edition to Ewen’s magic we’ve had help from the resplendent painter and fabric artist Laura Bernstein, illustrator extraordinaire Iris Gottleib and dance man French Clements. You can browse our upcoming tour stops here and if you are east coast we plan on bringing our two man venture to a house nearish to you at the beginning of April for just 3 shows.

Tales from a two man journey soon….

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